Decided to upgrade the Driver that came with my set. The headcover is the same shape and quality as the FT-3 and drivers. Most of my tee shots were either topped or low line drives. The only difference between the standard and Tour headcovers is a color change. This combination of technologies makes the X the longest all-titanium driver Callaway Golf has ever made. Callaway by Fujikura 60g regular flex graphite shaft.

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Posted 29 November – Im 6 4 lbs And is very strait when I grip the shaft good. Nice Callaway X driver with 11 loft in good condition. Greater Clubhead Stability The cc head size allows Callaway Golf engineers to move more weight to the perimeter of the clubhead to increase the Callowxy of Inertia, making it the most forgiving all-titanium driver ever from Callaway Golf.

Sometimes it goes very well, but it is too sensitive to use. Posted 22 May – Short, Straight, Hollow, Hosel The breakthrough Callaway Golf design that shortened the tradition hosel length, allowing weight to be moved lower and to the more useful perimeter area of the clubhead.

When hitting the sweet spot the ball flies and has a nice crisp sound most of the time. It was too stiff for my friend, how could not get it to fly. Technology With the exception of composite technology in the C4 and Fusion drivers, Callaway has always stuck with tried and true technologies like:. Before playing wtih this driver I kept on hitting a huge slice. I tried to make it work for not only the quality name of Callaway Im hopeing my balls fly better than the range balls.


My old driver BB I would miss to the right, it wasn’t a bad slice, by it was still enough to make me think twice about taking it out of the bag. Lastly, I no longer bring it out of the bag due to the completely evil sound it makes, some of you have gotten over it, not me.

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Search Advanced Search section: Posted 02 May – Central Indiana Ebay ID: I’ve callowqy it to the range 2 or 3 times. I got this driver about 10 days ago. Moving the ball backward or forward in my stance, however, makes for a sweet draw or fade. I just bought the Tour 9.

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Cal,oway point is, you kind of have to tinker around with your setup a little bit to learn how to hit this club the best way. Some comment on the sound positive and negative; I care more about the feel and it gives plenty of feedback.


I tested the x out today at a little play in Massachusetts. I have played a couple of rounds with this driver.

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The hollowed-out or Tru-Bore Technology is part of the S2H2 design, and allows the shaft tip to extend through the clubhead to the sole, which improves feel and control. Black seems to make the clubhead appear smaller. You cwlloway have javascript disabled. So what could Callaway possibly do to improve on the already popular and, more importantly, does the X pass the grade?

Callaway X460 Driver Review

On calloway back nine I decided to tee the ball differently. I can hit it anywhere on the face with good results. Posted 24 May – Tried it on another day and had the same results.

We take actual images of the item you are buying! When I don’t hit it dead on it makes a loud clank and doesn’t generate anywhere near the distance.