Posted 19 April – The squat, square shape of the clubface reminds me a bit of the old Power Pod driver, if one had been squashed a bit. I think this is the shape of clubs to come or at least this will be more accepting. I am itching to try a stiff shaft, but i don’t want to mess up my existing driver. Shop what you want, when you want. A titanium cup-face area with VFT Variable Face Thickness technology is married to a lightweight composite body with epoxy, and a series of internal weights distribute mass to specific areas of the perimeter to increase the Moment of Inertia MOI to increase forgiveness, and also to create different types of ball flight. Can’t find a single thing to complain about.

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But what a round. What I hear from retailers is that the FT-i gets a lot of interest, but that more golfers end up buying the FT-5 due to the price and performance. Fh5 bargain at Golfbidder price!

Callaway FT-5 Driver

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I callwaay always had trouble with my driver, to the point I played my long irons almost exclusively off the tee. Interesting side-effect of playing the fti for a month or so, I find when I get my old driver out at the range, I hit it much better than I used to.

In regards to my earlier post Hook and shank have officially been erased from my vocab!!!! However that aside I have never in my life been able to push the yard limit on my sweet spot hit drives. My colleagues all has a go and were very impressed. The Burner felt really good too me.


Posted 19 April – I am consistently hitting flight drives. Golf club has been played less than 10 rounds and is in top of the line used condition. The FT-5 is a refined, third-generation product that has had any bad traits bred out. I first had an ft5 13 ht some 7 years ago and hit it just callaaway to this day understand why i sold it? It is ‘hot’ off the face and, most importantly, hits the ball straight.

Callaway FT-5 Tour Draw Driver

Have bought one of these with a Matrix Shaft Need help selling or trading your clubs? The all new Callaway FT-5 driver has been launched to maximise the Fusion Technology in the traditional shape.

In all the ft5 is a great club, im not a callaway person i callawway own one callaway club and have never had a callaway driver, but must admit im seriously thinking about pulling the trigger on this club. This is a keeper. Please provide dates you need sets delivered to you.

Callaway FT-5 TH – Tour and Pre-Release Equipment – GolfWRX

Does someone actually know any hard evidence it will come? Since purchasing my FT-5 Callaway see aboveone disappointment this summer dt5 the stock grip of the club. This is the best sounding driver ever, and is also longggg!!!! At address the ft5 seems larger all round and gives one more confidence the difference it quite amazing considering that they are both the same size.


Callaway FT-5 Draw Driver Reviews – Golf Club Reviews – Golfbidder

Found the Golfbidder site and located a callaway FT5 HT driver which they said was in good condition. The ball is so hot tf5 the face it is unreal. The FTI was stunning. Clubs that are stamped or engraved will be automatically receive the “Below Average” value. It seems that the vast majority of the shafts available on the market for IMix play to 45″. Tried very hard to use the club but in the end decided to trade it in.

Notify me of new posts by email. It looks pretty similar with a longer shaft and maybe a little lighter. Too stiff a shaft on your old club, and your ball may have started right, and moved more right due to a misfitted shaft.

But would suggest getting fit for the right shaft.