Just can’t jam to MP3 tracks through GearBox. I did try to unplug interface and swap USB ports with it while computer was on and I was able to get it working that way too It does detect the device and everything like before, I can also see it in the Sound tab, but all other programs or recording softwares do not react to it. I changed the default audio format in speaker properties to 16bit hz in windows 10, and the sound is working now. After upgrading from Win7 to Win10, and updating the driver with Monkey, it started working without any workarounds.

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Certain Line 6 devices not detected on macOS I had the same trouble with gearbox and Toneport ux1followed your steps and viola: The needles and everything do move when I use POD Farm, but it seems like there is no signal going to the computer afterwards. Thankfully though open source software is gaining strength and we depend less and less from closed source companies. No need to change my playback sample rate toenport to DVD quality and the green bars light up in the Recording Devices window just fine.

By oxk4rMay 24, in POD 2. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Computer Audio Setup and Troubleshooting

I have the same problem, i removed the plug and change the slot but nothing Posted December 21, Atleast we can lien the equipment now again somehow. I had installed drivers from Line 6 Monkey and Pod Farm installed as well. I still hope that Line 6 releases a solid Windows 10 driver though.


Lime live in a world of weasels where no one wants to say anything because they are afraid of being accused or admitting there might be a problem. Haha ok cheers mate, and thanks for your help again. I can’t believe that it was something simple like switching USB ports on my computer Posted November 24, I’m having the same issue, it was working fine until the latest windows updates a week or so ago, now pod farm freezes after about 15 minutes.

Line 6 – Support

I can get Aindows working with Reaper, using ASIO, since that protocol essentially skips the OS and allows the recording software to directly access the hardware, but no love on getting Windows 10 to playback through my UX1.

I think I saw some reports of problems with Flash in general lately, so if anyone is having problems with playback in their browser, then it might be worth going to adobe’s site and make sure wkndows update to the latest Flash version.

Rebooting was the only solution.

Posted August 26, I changed the default audio format in speaker properties to 16bit hz in windows 10, and the sound is working now. Posted Tonepodt 21, Went to control panel, sounds, then recording device, selected UX Except that after a while the speakers start outputting a pulse sound with a few seconds interleave.


I would open pod farm and everything was working fine on the Pod Farm, software and needle moved just like your explaining and Windows showed interface hooked up on recording tab but no green bars appeared as if the interface was some how just half way detected The sound works on the application pod farm 2 but i get no sound output, I have tried changing some settings like what has been suggested but nothing works.

Unplug and replug in the UX2? Still nothing on the level gauges on the ux2, but at least I can use my mic again.


For now, I can limp by with recording with winodws plugged into the UX1 and playback through the soundcard, but it’s clunky. I have tried many of the tips here, with no luck. I don’t need to restart the computer, just Pod Farm, but again it only lasts 15 minutes.

The problem here is an outdated java version. Templates and tones from L6 Tone Made Easy classes. So, technically, there is audio that is outputting from my pod studio kb37, but it’s just unlistenable garbage! It is now January Can you see interface picking up lije in the recording device tab like I showed here at least?