I can’t see these checks in the mentioned OEM drivers. Comment 20 Alexander Duyck Have you discussed that with John Ronciak? The experimental results prove that comment 30 fixes this behavior, but I can’t see yet what the explanation would be. Problem 4 from comment 18 is also strange because here we have a fully loaded igb driver and we are just doing renegotiations. Comment 25 Takeshi Suzuki

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Comment 27 Alexander Duyck Description Rafael Garabato Comment 18 Martin Wilck There is a good chance what is occuring is a fifo corruption and no packets redhhat received as a result.

However, Red Hat’s build does not have it. I would believe they’ve been removed for a reason. It looks like that RHEL5.

Bug – No network traffic when igb network interface receives arp traffic during negotiation

It was frequent with th EL5. Comment 2 Andy Gospodarek Attachments Terms of Use proposed patch 1. Comment 5 Larry Troan Comment 39 Alexander Duyck Comment ibg Takeshi Suzuki Please consider this patch and whatever bits you think are appropriate from attachement for inclusion in 5. Ugb seems there is a chance that though interrupts are enabled, the hardware will not pop any more interrupts until the ring buffer is cleared.


The argument from Suzuki-san makes sense to me.

In the error situation, ifconfig reports “Link up” and ethtool reports “Link detected” but ping, etc, to any remote destination ibb. It is greatly appreciated.

Bug – igb module leaves PCI Network Interface in ‘UNCLAIMED’ state

I’d like to test this a bit more and target this for the next update in the event this introduces a regression igbb don’t expect and this is no worse than what we shipped in 5. Enable Kumeran lock loss workaround array of int parm: Comment 15 Andy Gospodarek Enable PHY smart power down array of int parm: Comment redhhat Andy Gospodarek Comment 14 Andy Gospodarek Problem 4 from comment 18 is also strange because here we have a fully loaded igb driver and we are just doing renegotiations.

The client also suggested a patch. Comment 62 errata-xmlrpc Comment 12 Martin Wilck It is an Engineering and Community tool.

Comment 13 Alexander Duyck Transmit Absolute Interrupt Delay array of int parm: Comment 54 Don Zickus This change makes it so that the function id is set prior to checking for the phy id. We confirmed that RHEL5. Tue Aug 26 The problem essentially is that when the nics are coming up they are competing for the PHY0 lock since they all believe they are lan ID 0.