What do you want to use? Currently it is Thursday, November 8, If I change to a different voice on the keyboard, it shows up through the computer, back out through the audio interface and on to the speakers. It can’t send digital audio. Thanks for the input.

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I have Protools le 8. Most likely you are sending 9s0 via USB to Sonar that is then sending MIDI via USB back to the keyboard triggering keyboard voiceswhich in turn is sending audio via an audio cable somewhere to a Sonar audio track echoed out to your sound card, looped back through your sound card mixer or via a real-time monitoring feature to your sound card output, direct to your speakers.

I don’t know about what it’s actually supposed to do or not supposed to do, but I have it transmitting audio yamahx USB at this very moment. User Control Panel Log out. If I change to a different voice on the keyboard, it shows up through the computer, back out through the audio interface and on to the speakers. So far my speculation has more words and has taken more time to thoughtfully frame than your question.


Yamaha S90 ES: USB MIDI Driver for Mac OS X Yosemite ( )

Look at it under piano roll view or event list view if you are not sure. View More Photo Galleries. Soft Synth track settings: Midi hook up for Yamaha s90es Lets try the easiest setup. Win a free i2i Stream Wireless Music Pack, go to: Instead, you should still be able to use it via MIDI ports if it provides them and if you have them on your computer interface.

You should disable it in the MIDI options so it never gets selected again. Essentials Only Full Version.

MIDI question – trying to use a Yamaha S90ES as a MIDI controller | Cakewalk Forums

You then need to decide what synth you want the Sonar midi track to control. MIDI channel 1 Bank: No, there is no audio yamana connected to the keyboard. I’ve downloaded the latest drivers.

Please let me know. Midi hook up for Yamaha s90es no luck on that. In yamaah experience, by the time I have collected the information needed and organized it to form a clear question for the forum, I have already found the answer most of the time. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?


The output of the midi track has to be set to the synth that you want to play in response to the Sonar midi track. I can sleep at night now! Thanks so much for hanging with me with this.

Connecting an S90 with a Computer

Search this Thread Advanced Search. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Glad to see that you got it going, but you need to check the part yamaga transferring audio over USB. My Ymaha S90es is set to the following: Midi hook up for Yamaha s90es I’ve been beating my brains out trying to do this but nothing works. Yes you do, I take that as standard and don’t give it a second thought but I’m glad it’s sorted.

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