Why Most Relationships Fail – Last First Date

Posted by Sandy Weiner in communication skills in dating, red flags in relationships | 0 comments Dr. Larry Waldman explains why most relationships fail. Turns out, we date backwards. Tune in to find out what this means…and more! — My podcast guest, Dr. Larry Waldman, spoke about why…Read More

Benefits Of Mixed Race Dating

We all have heard that love knows no boundaries. When we truly love someone, our love is based on who a person really is and not on his caste, race or religion. With changing times, more and more people are accepting people of different races for dating and marriage. The society has also started to…Read More

What Makes an Online Dating Profile Attractive?

Nowadays, if you’re single, you’ve probably got at least one online dating profile out there. Consider some or all of these tips to increase your profile’s attraction. Love Your Pictures Ensure your pictures are gorgeous because YOU are gorgeous! Even if you don’t think you’re very photogenic, you don’t want your pictures to sell you…Read More

Looking For The Best Adult Dating Sites?

Helpful Tips That Will Get You There It is true to say that everything has gone online including dating. It is no longer necessary to go through the tedious process of online dating where you can’t be sure what the other person wants or even what their preferences are. The best thing about adult dating…Read More